HB 1133 'Airbnb Bill"

IAR issued a call for action this afternoon to the members of the Indiana House of Representatives to urge support for HB 1133, also known as the “Airbnb bill”.  The bill prohibits local units of government from banning short term rentals.  Our message is simple: please help protect private property rights by voting YES on HB 1133.


You may promote this call for action on your local board web page or on social media. You may also send out a quick reminder to your members to respond to the email CFA that was sent out this evening. We know from past experience that our members respond in greater numbers when they hear from all of you.  If you have any questions regarding messaging, please feel free to contact me at mmcshane@indianarealtors.com , Ann Johnson at ajohnson@indianarealtors.com, Ben Bauer at bbauer@indianarealtors.com; or Kathleen Bender at kbender@indianarealtors.com.


The vote on HB 1133 may be as early tomorrow afternoon, so you will need to promote the CFA by noon tomorrow if at all possible.  I appreciate your understanding regarding the short notice, but a procedural move was made earlier today which resulted in the vote being scheduled earlier than expected.